Updating Tracker Count

The core function of Capacitizer is tracking capacity. This is how you do that with the API.

Capacitizer is agnostic in that it will accept a number to either increment or decrement your tracker. But a request must be accompanied by a method by which to count.

Those options are:

  • add
  • subtract
  • reset

Updating the count

Each update request must be accompanied by a valid integer. This is true even if you are reseting the tracker (ie. setting it to 0). By setting the "action" to "reset" accompanied by any integer will result in setting the tracker to 0.

Tracker ID

Each tracker in your Capacitizer account is prefaced with a "SK_". A valid request omits the "SK_" and uses the integer value of the request. If your tracker ID is "SK_399" the valid ID would be "399"

Your API_Key

Your update requests must be sent with a matching API_Key. This is listed individually for each tracker and is only valid on a per tracker basis. An API Key for Tracker SK_785 would NOT be valid for Tracker SK_786.

Paused Trackers

It's important to note that at times when multiple sources are managing the same tracker that a tracker may be paused. When a tracker is "paused" manipulating the count from the api will render a 406 message stating that the "Tracker is currently paused". The tracker will need to be opened prior to changing the count.

POST Increment example
action: 'add',
count: 5,
api_key: 'XXXX...'
POST Decrement example
action: 'subtract',
count: 3,
api_key: 'XXXX...'
POST Reset example
action: 'reset',
count: 1,
api_key: 'XXXX...'
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