Pausing & Resuming Trackers

Pausing your trackers is simple

The Capacitizer APi gives you the ability to pause your tracker at will. This is usefull for visually displaying the 'paused' screen to wherever you tracker is displayed.

Those options are:

  • open
  • paused

Tracker ID

Each tracker in your account is prefaced with a "SK_". A valid request omits the "SK_" and uses the integer value of the request. If your tracker ID is "SK_399" the valid ID would be "399"

Your API_Key

Your update requests must be sent with a matching API_Key. This is listed individually for each tracker and is only valid on a per tracker basis. An API Key for Tracker SK_785 would NOT be valid for Tracker SK_786.

POST Pause example
status: 'pause'
api_key: 'XXXX...'
POST Open example
status: 'open'
api_key: 'XXXX...'
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